• 05. Jun 2014
    We aks questions all the time but rarely do we stop to think about how we're asking. "That's a good question!" is often our reply when we're asked a question that we find difficult to answer. But is a good question characterised by being difficult to answer?
  • 23. Jun 2014
    En folkelig videnskabsfestival udspiller sig netop nu i København som sidestykke til en stor international forskerkonference. har spurgt danskere om, hvilke problemer forskerne bør diskutere på konferencen.
  • 17. Jun 2014
    What role do social networks such as Facebook and self-tracking apps like Endomondo have on your motivation to train and exercise? This is something a new scientific app will help researchers find out.
  • 06. Jun 2014
    High school students will play an important role at the EuroScience Open Forum's science conference in Copenhagen on 21-26 June. Their tasks are to engage themselves in the latest scientific discoveries and keep the science debate alive.
  • 29. May 2014
    Researchers with no connection to universities or businesses are forming their own research communities. If you are an aspiring researcher yourself, you should stop by the Science in the City festival in Copenhagen 21-26 June 2014.
  • 26. May 2014
    At this summer’s Science in the City festival you can see hammocks that can charge your phone, put on 3D glasses and pretend to be a surgeon and find out whether or not your own invention is any good.
  • 21. May 2014
    Be ready to experience the strangest and most bizarre research in the world when the notorious Ig Nobel Prize show comes to Copenhagen this summer.
  • 21. May 2014
    Do you want to be a part of Europe's largest science conference and festival?
  • 11. Apr 2014
    As part of this summer’s science festival ’Science in the City’, a fleet of research ships will be docking in Copenhagen. The public is invited on board to learn about the ins and outs of marine research.
  • 01. Mar 2014
    Four Nobel Prize winners will be among the speakers at ESOF2014, Europe’s largest forum for interdisciplinary science, which kicks off in Copenhagen in June.
  • 05. Mar 2014
    One of Europe’s largest science festivals visits the Carlsberg City District in Copenhagen in June. Curious minds of all ages are invited to take part in ‘Science in the City’ where researchers from all over the world present cutting-edge science and technology.